Organic farm & sustainability

Living & working on an organic farm in Grossarl

It's wonderful working amid nature and with animals every day. That's why the job of farmer gives us so much pleasure. We've been active organic farmers since 1995, as preserving the environment and a health-conscious diet is very important to us. We make home-made delicacies from our farm produce, which we are happy for our guests to taste. Spend a care-free farm holiday in Grossarl and take part in life on the Aubauer Farm!

Hofeigene Produkte, Biobauernhof Aubauer in Großarl, Salzburger Land

Dairy farming & a variety of animals

The welfare of our animals has been important to us from the very beginning. The natural cycle between soil, plants and animals is the basis of organic farming. The quality of our organic produce stands at the forefront - we set great store in the right feed and a high standard of comfort for our cattle, calves, pigs and chickens. The animals have plenty of space, to lie down in the sheds and enjoy being outdoors at our Aualm and in the meadows. In the winter they have space to exercise outdoors behind the cowshed. We are proud the keep endangered species such as the Pinzgau Cattle and the Old Styrian Chicken.

Tiere am Biobauernhof in Großarl, Aubauer
Tiere am Biobauernhof in Großarl, Aubauer
Urlaub am Biobauernhof in Großarl

Farm produce

Due to our organic, sustainable system you can taste the freshness and the healthiness in our produce. In our fruit garden we have apple, pear, apricot and plum trees. In the garden you'll find fresh herbs, peppers, tomatoes and courgettes, which may be used by our apartment guests for cooking.

Alpine butter, hard, sour and cream cheese plus a variety of quark spreads are produced at our Aualm alpine hut and are served together with our home-made farmer's bread and home-made jams at breakfast. The eggs from our happy hens taste particularly good.